SOCIAL: If you were hoping that short-form video was going to subside in 2023, you were sadly mistaken. R … Customer service and listening for opportunities are two areas to jumpstart your organic plans for 2023. R … Meta, TikTok and BeReal lead the app usage rankings for 2022. R

  • Meta: The EU privacy fine is troublesome for targeted advertising everywhere. R … More restrictions against teen targeting often create other platform challenges. R … New system launched to avoid illegal algorithmic targeting. R
  • TikTok: With cheaper ad rates, TikTok has made market share gains. R … Fun or a threat? Here are the arguments. R
  • Twitter: YOY ad sales are down 46 percent. (But we haven’t noted performance declines since Elon took over). R

CONTENT MARKETING: Need some inspiration for February content? How about a how-to listicle, and don’t forget about the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day and Black History Month. R … Sometimes 2023 prediction columns look a lot like 2022: Short form video, automation, influencers, etc. Will we not advance this year? R … Want a quick AI check of copy to see if it is real or fake? R

SEARCH: Here are some of the basic formulas for search, including what your CPC should be to hit a specific cost per lead. R … Plan for 2023 by first setting your budget for the year, planning your content calendar, assessing alternatives and then addressing what to do about Google’s Performance Max. R … Search happens whether you want it or not, so when do you need SEO expertise? Site redesigns, navigating Google changes and when you want to get more competitive. R … There are a number of helpful tools, like Ahrefs, that can make this easier. R

ANALYTICS: If you are stuck on CPA as a core metric, you might want to work toward the next evolution: lifetime customer value: acquisition cost ratio. R … While high bounce rates alone are not necessarily a cause for alarm, they can be. It often boils down to UX, navigation design or bringing in the wrong audience. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Digital workers are on the rise and fit a few specific needs already. R

EMAIL: Folks, while readers are more apt to scroll than a few years ago, that first screen is still of pivotal importance. Don’t bury your CTA. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Why should businesses mess with digital marketing in 2023? How about increased online presence, greater reach, deeper engagement with customers and measurable results, among other reasons. R … Don’t look for ad spend to grow substantially in 2023. R