SOCIAL: The social landscape for U.S. adults age 50 and older has still 12 percent not using social at all … and that includes YouTube. R

  • Instagram: In the year of short-form video, Instagram isn’t going to forget photos. R
  • LinkedIn: Engagement and use is still increasing. R
  • TikTok: There are internal manual options to make things go viral on TikTok. It’s not all algorithm. R … TikTok is the platform most marketers plan to increase spend this year. R … But there are reasons to pause on expansion. R
  • Twitter: Elon Musk says Twitter has too many ads. A change of volume could be great news for ad performance. R

CONTENT MARKETING: In the new privacy and data environment, content websites have to look and act more like ecommerce sites. R … Lacking a content strategy is mistake number one. R

SEARCH: Paid search is second on the trend list of increases for 2023 … further proof that 2023 digital will be more results-oriented. R … Don’t go it alone. There are tools — both free and paid — that can help you. R … Sometimes, starting a blog isn’t enough to boost organic search. That’s when you have to look at your pagination. R … Search is powerful. No really. R

PROGRAMMATIC: First-party data isn’t the single magic elixir against cookie deprecation. Not with privacy rules and platform idiosyncrasies. R

ANALYTICS: Google Optimize is going away but there is a promise to add tools to GA-4 to offset this loss. R

VIDEO: Videos are hot in marketing, especially short-form videos. Here’s a primer on how to do it smartly. R … Marketers are sticking with YouTube investments with many increasing spend in 2023. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: You can’t read anything in digital without bumping into a new ChatGPT experience. Here’s a little primer on it. R … Speaking of handy AI tools, check out Lumen5, which allows you to automatically create videos from blogs. R … I created this one in 3 minutes. R … The jump in what are called generative AI tools is not a surprise given the leaps in funding. R

EMAIL: The beauty of email is it hasn’t changed much. That doesn’t mean we can’t consider it a little differently into 2023. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: The Department of Justice is set to bring a suit against Google for its monopolistic business. R … Conversational marketing isn’t taking off like wildfire and some user experience is still a tad stilted. But, it can be powerful for users and for the data returning to marketing and sales. R … Looking for that elusive data point to excite your bosses about email, social, lead gen, mobile, ecommerce, SEO, etc.? It might be here. R