A new U.S. privacy bill would make drastic changes to digital targeting. R … The IAB slammed the bill, reminding the sponsors that “data-driven digital advertising is the heart of online commerce…” R … Social media influencers have established themselves as a core component for marketing campaigns. R … Costs rising and performance waning in your paid social? The platforms are adhering to privacy concerns sometimes at our expense. R … Programmatic will and should change in 2022 in programmatic, including a shift to methods like digital out of home and connected TV. R … Streaming video ad demand declined in 2021. R … Content alone won’t accomplish anything. It has to be original, helpful and specific … and you have to let people know about it. R … It’s all about content in B2B. But maybe a bit more time expanding on the mechanisms wouldn’t hurt. R … The downside of automation is losing the human touch. R … It’s a new year. Is this the year you take search seriously? R … Don’t make these core mistakes for SEO, headlined by failing to do your research up front. R … Endeavor to automate as much as you can. R … How do you create backlinks with other web sites? Earn it by providing a reason to link to you. R … Changing URLs can cause Google fits. Keep redirects in place for up to a year. R … Great SEO work goes beyond the algorithms and boosts a site in authority, content, page experience, and keyword/industry-specific ranking factors. R … Voice search hasn’t exploded but it is still on the horizon. R