SOCIAL: It all starts with strategy, not the content calendar. So stop and make a strategy. R

  • Facebook: New comment moderation tools have launched. R
  • TikTok: Some additional targeting options just opened up on TikTok. R … You may be able to reset the algorithm based on recent searches than on your deeper history. R
  • Twitter: You may have to ante up for a brand channel to retain your verified status. R … Free access to the API was set to end on Thursday. R … If you are Twitter Blue, you have 4,000 characters to work with. R … What does posting too often on Twitter look like? When Twitter throws an error. This week, they threw the error in error. R

VIDEO: YouTube Shorts surpassed 50 billion views, a seemingly large number but no equivalent TikTok number exists, so we are left wondering if it is good. R … With the younger crowd, TikTok wins in a landslide. R

CONTENT MARKETING: We have hit a huge moment in content as it relates to AI, and it’s not one we will solve quickly. R … But AI should be additive. R …  Struggling with ideas for March? How about World Meteorological Day? R

SEARCH: Bing, powered by ChatGPT, is the talk of the search industry right now. R … Google plans to launch its own AI-powered option within weeks. R … TikTok search is a thing, but advertisers are watching and waiting. R … All of these will change search in 2023. But preparing for the changes means focusing on the same things as before. R … Can AI help you manipulate search rankings? Probably not. R … How your site is structures absolutely has an impact on SEO. R … Structured data can expand your search result in positive ways. But there are some rules you have to follow. R … A Google algorithm update happened over last weekend, possibly. R

PODCASTING: If you want to be optimistic about podcast advertising, here’s an article for you. R

DATA: The push on advancing in data in 2023 is not about being better but about protecting yourself amid privacy legislation. R

PROGRAMMATIC: Want to understand the basics of programmatic in an online educational environment, StackAdapt has you covered. R

ANALYTICS: Google Analytics 4 will be automatically created for users of the older UA offering sometime next month. R … But the whole GA-4 move might be nefarious on Google’s part. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Make a lifelike character quickly and simply that can interact with you. Test it out. R

EMAIL: How do the vendors stack up these days? Here’s one group’s take on ActiveCampaign, Adobe, Campaign Monitor, Cheetah Digital, Constant Contact, Cordial, Salesforce, Validity, Upland Software and Zeta Global. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: The president called for more limits on audience targeting during his state of the union message. It wasn’t all great. R