SOCIAL: Both TikTok and Instagram are becoming search powerhouses. R … Creators want to be more than mere influencers and their ranks are growing. R … Posting and engagement on social are down. TikTok and Reels are recommendations. R

SEARCH: There are loads of software packages built to help you with SEO, the ones that stand out are AHrefs, Moz and SEM Rush (among others). R … With AI blossoming in search right now, the same techniques you have been honing work for “answer engines”. R … Start your strategy with goals, then research the keywords most suited for those goals. Then the rest falls into place. R … Backlinking is more than just a link. There are specific additions that make them more powerful. R … AI-generated content will not necessarily be an SEO negative. R

CONTENT MARKETING: Content Management Systems vary in power, relevance and fan bases. Here are four of the top ones today to consider. R

VIDEO: YouTube added a few new tools for shorts. R

DATA: Data clean rooms might not be clean after all. R

PRIVACY: This looks to be a year of clamping down on the regulations already established. That means more marketers are going to feel what primarily has been a Meta and Google problem. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Now that we pondered the power of AI over the past few weeks, here come to calls for regulation. R … Turn your scribbles and dreams into high-impact graphics. R … A new job has come on the scene — the AI prompter. R

EMAIL: Email has a big role in 2023 digital marketing. Here are some things to consider. R … It is time to analyze your email campaigns. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Google’s Performance Max has a few new features. R … What are the top tools for optimizing your web site? The list starts with Google’s Page Speed Insights but there are more. R … Where does Microsoft fit into the digital ad world in 2023? It’s growing. R