Looking for some design and color palate ideas to help your social media postings stand out? R … Some marketers just don’t have time to dig into social. That’s a serious mistake. R … Facebook was built behind the scenes and out of the public eye. Meta doesn’t have that luxury. R … Texas has brought suit against Meta for facial recognition data. R … The old news feed is now just a feed. R … Facebook is under-reporting conversions primarily from iOS users. R … Instagram is modifying the process when a story is liked that an automatic direct message is sent. R … Marketers still consider Instagram more important than TikTok. R … How aggressive should you be with hashtags? It’s not Twitter but it’s also not Facebook. R … There is some research supporting the high-impact Snap ads. R … From a supply-side perspective, Google is dominant. R … Whitelisting and blacklisting are still key components for optimization in programmatic. R … “No matter how good you get at optimizing your media performance, if your creative is not fit for the purpose, then it’s not going to work as well.” R … With targeting personal data points murkier by the day, location is a data point you can count on. R