If you are in B2B, you really need to consider social influencers for your marketing in 2021. R … Australia is proposing to charge companies for the news shared on their platforms. Facebook is planning to shut off those newsfeeds in response. R … “I don’t think they’re out of the woods, but I do think it’s probably less threatening or seems less threatening than the previous administration,” said Ray Wang, principal analyst of Palo Alto-based Constellation Research R … Maryland is toying with the idea of adding a tax for digital ad dollars. Others may follow suit. R … Pillar pages are helpful guides for the search engines to pull together bundles of content around a specific topic. R … It’s finally happening! Private deals are growing rapidly and could outpace open exchange in 2021. R … Unified ID work has progressed enough for The Trade Desk to hand off the management of it to Prebid. R … YouTube’s answer to TikTok plans to launch in March. R

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