SOCIAL: You need to make a content plan for your social channels. Here’s how. R … Are you a social media expert? Are you sure? R

  • Meta: Meta can’t force users to accept data collection to gain access to the social network. R … Facebook and Instagram continue to be the top social channels B2B marketers are leveraging. R
  • Pinterest: Trends take off faster and last longer than on other platforms, according to Pinterest. R
  • TikTok: What happened on TikTok in 2022? Here’s a review. R … TikTok has fully nudged its way into the regular habits of U.S. adults. R … TikTok ads should be 9-15 seconds long. R
  • Twitter: Apple and Amazon are apparently returning to Twitter advertising. R

CONTENT MARKETING: Content marketing isn’t about creating content anymore. That’s not enough. The data, connections and personalization efforts are mostly on you. R … Consider serving as a holiday helper for your customers. R … We are no longer hindered by the images we receive. AI can enhance them. R … Content calendars are great but scrappy content makes a bigger impact. R … The voice is a major aspect of allowing your content to stand out. R … Lots of consultants tell you to multi-purpose your content, but what are the content options to build? Here’s a good list. R … Data doesn’t have to be boring and it offers a great opportunity to make your content more visually appealing and immersive. R

SEARCH: How does SEO really work now and into the future? There’s more to it than you think. R …  Evergreen campaigns are a strong cornerstone to a good digital marketing execution. But you need to optimize away from staleness. Change up keywords, bid strategies, something. Keep the algorithm working for you. R … SEO and SEM should not be separated. They work well only together. R … Featured snippets increase the size of your search result, but they aren’t guaranteed. Here’s some help on how to earn them. R … SEO informs more than just search. If monitored well, it can tie your marketing strategy closer to your users. R … Wordle, Monkeypox and Amber Heard were all a big part of search in 2022. R … SEM strengthens SEO but not directly. R

VIDEO:Every wonder the difference between in-stream and out-stream video ads? It’s ok. We got your back. R

MOBILEGoogle is testing end-to-end encryption for RCS messages. R … So you don’t know anything about marketing through mobile messaging? Here’s some help. R … “RCS so obviously represents the natural evolution from the traditional and hugely-popular SMS and MMS messaging standards that ignoring this upgrade is like failing to adopt colour TV after the black and white box.” R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI allows marketers to target new audiences and see new success metrics. R … One company used AI to develop better attention metrics. R

MARKETING TECHNOLOGY: The listings of technology partners is now filterable. Check out the MarTech 10,000 like you haven’t seen it before. R … Take a look at your tech stack and ask if you can meet the impending needs around data privacy. R

PRIVACY: Let’s be honest. No one is really ready for the privacy war that is coming. R

PROGRAMMATIC:Amazon might be experiencing some early pains of ad inclusions in its search results. R … At least one cookieless campaign outperformed its cookie-enabled counterparts. R … The Motley Fool continues to love The Trade Desk. R … The industry is waiting for the white knight in the realm of the cookieless. R

EMAIL: I know you like this newsletter, but if you want to follow others in the email marketing game, here is a good list. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Total Experience (TX) could become the next big thing, certainly for B2B. R … The shift from branding to performance is going to rock digital marketing in 2023. R … Highly stylized product images or simple, white-background images sell better? You may be surprised. R … Wearables and connected tools are everywhere. Even in places they don’t yet need to be. R .

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