Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s December 24, 2021. It is time to wind down, prepare for whatever 2022 is planning to bring to us, and look back on 2021 to see if there’s anything we can learn.

TikTok’s continued rise, Apple’s privacy moves, legal and ethical considerations with the social channels and constant Google Search algorithm changes dominated the headlines — and this report. Meanwhile, we got better at content marketing and social influence, shored up our data, and took advantage of the proliferation of video marketing channels and tactics.

Digital was a challenge that put most of us in the position of the cat trying to pin down the flashlight beam. Let’s keep wrestling it together in 2022.

The top articles from the Digital Intelligence Report in 2021 were:

… And a few other things to note this week: Marketers are falling behind in digital skills. R … Data, CTV and channel competition will be notable in 2022. R … TikTok is No. 3 and still rapidly growing. R … Marketers devoted to customers and customer experience tend to be high performers. R … Email is  still the most effective channel for digital marketers. R … But many marketers don’t believe it. R