Just like in a good marriage, digital marketing is most successful with a commitment to strong communication and conflict resolution. There are too many intricate parts to digital to not spend time messing in the details ahead of time.

  • Pixel drops like retargeting pixels or conversion pixels and other expectations need to be described up front to avoid IT-based delays or strategy misalignment.
  • Creative issues. You may want to launch tomorrow and generate 1 million page views, but if you only have a 300×50 banner ad, we might have a problem. Let’s talk about the strategy first and not have the strategy defined by the creative inventory. Digital creative can be developed.
  • Transparency is often a challenge when things pass from the sales process to the operational delivery. It shouldn’t be a secret that the ops people traditionally know more dirty details than their sales teammates. Talking through the important aspects and making sure you are getting what you are buying is a valuable step that is often missed.
  • Who has the ball is the traditional struggle in digital. From planning through trafficking to reporting and invoicing, there can be misalignment. Talk it through. Don’t assume.

There are other areas, of course. Let this be an encouragement to schedule a meeting or two with your most prized vendors to make sure you are getting what you want, the processes are seamless and nothing is missed. Good communication and conflict resolution make all relationships stronger.

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