It may be overly generalized but guidance is worthwhile on when to post for the best engagement. How about M/W/F at 8:41 a.m., 3:15 p.m. and 7 p.m. R … Each of the social platforms steals from the other. Here’s a slideshow showing it in action. R … Despite the audience fragmentation, you don’t have to be everywhere. R Amazon is testing a short-form video offering for its app. R … Instagram: You can now schedule your Reels. R … SnapChat+ has 1 million paying members, but its ad business is tanking. R … It is bound to happen with any platform generating the level of traffic of TikTok. It is becoming just as much a search engine as an entertainment/social tool. R … TikTok is now offering a text-to-image creator. R … TikTok offers an easier way to share from TikTok to Meta. R … Great content in a poor context is weak. Both matter. R … If TikTok tells us anything, the need is for short-form content more than long-form. But the debate continues. R … Produce content, promote content, produce, promote, produce, promote. R … From Fast Company, a list of great content marketing examples. R … Never remove content from your website? False! Remove content that isn’t working for your audience. R… It is about time to begin putting performance marketing expectations on CTV spends. R … Ninety-five percent of teens have been to YouTube. R … The more volume and variability of traffic you drive through SEO, the less you are compelled to spend on paid social. R … Beat the competition, not the algorithm. R … Step one for improving your SEO, make updates to your core content. R … Most sites have a handful of user journeys. Aligning your keywords with those journeys could create a better experience. R … The same helpful SEO tools for your brand can be weaponized when pointed at your competitors. R … According to a study, diversification is your best approach for Google ranking. R … Search advertising benchmarks for 2022! R … How many of these SEO fails have you done? R … So you have similar content in multiple places on your site. How should you tag it? R … PPC requires quality content/landing pages too, to be fully successful. R

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