Whether you haven’t even started or are scrambling for new ideas, keeping your video marketing fresh starts with inspiration. R … You need two things to run ads on YouTube: A Google Ads account and a YouTube channel. R … YouTube will pay content creators up to $10K per month to use their TikTok competitive tool. R … If all of your eggs are in the content basket and you aren’t engaging with your customers, you are making a disastrous choice. R … Social media is the king of digital marketing and the plans are for it to grow. R … Social influencers are powerful for marketing. Internal social influencers are less expensive and exponentially more valuable. R … While it can be simple and everyone should be doing it, paid search has some nuances. Drill into every keyword to make sure it drives the traffic you want, consider negative keywords and the performance on responsive/dynamic ads outweighs the lack of control. R … Optimized targeting in Google can be a help or a hurt. Make sure you know before you click the checkbox. R … Start your strategy with a goal and a target audience. Then figure out how you will measure it. R … Right, I said you need to measure it. R … Apple’s upcoming changes will nullify impression tracking data, not just end open rate as a measurable metric. R … There’s nothing more simple than a good infographic. A simplistic infographic about email marketing is exponentially simple, but possibly valuable. R … The tumult within digital is having an impact on previously steady costs. Be watchful of your platform spends. R … Focus first on your owned digital properties and how you can get the most bang for your marketing dollar R