RCS should have been the standard by now, so Apple dragging its feet is silliness. It’s time to move messaging into the future. Apple device owners, you should get angry every time you receive an SMS message. R … Social audio, like we see from Twitter, Clubhouse and a number of others, is a trend worth investigating. R … So is social influence, especially when you are arming your influence strategy with micro-moments. R … You are making a mistake assuming you are too small for influencers. You just need to set your sites more micro. R … Misinformation is kicking the butt of some of the smartest algorithm builders in the world. R … Create and schedule the right content and types of content, meet the varied needs of your audience and measure/study everything. R … Content audits take time but they always, always, always fix broken content and move you into a better content direction (that ultimately wastes time). R … Survey tools, marketing automation, content planning, and a CRM are must-haves for startups. R … Chabots haven’t gone away as a marketing strategy. Those using them need to step up their game to make them useful though. R … I’ve been chirping about the ad tools, the faulty measurement and the improving but still challenging user experiences of podcasting for a couple of years. Will podcasting ever figure it all out? R … Radio is going to turn 100 years old next year and it is far from done. R … Want a better creative strategy or better relationship with creatives? Here’s a helpful checklist. R