This report is filled with checklist content. From 5 things you need to consider for social to 50 best practices for email marketing, there are a number of ways wise digital marketers want to encourage you.

But let me cut to the chase. These checklists often boil down very simply — even the lists if 50! So, do the following and you will be bigger, stronger and faster … all without having to ingest kale.

1. Know or assign a goal.
2. Glance backward to see what was done before against a similar goal.
3. Plan an achievable attack against the goal.
4. Get buy-in on that attack plan.
5. Execute.
6. Monitor.
7. Optimize.
8. Final review. Did it achieve the goal?

If you took these eight steps and put it against each campaign, they would be smoother and more effective.

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