SOCIAL: Very few U.S. consumers are willing to pay for social media use, at least the experience they have had thus far. R … Posting things on social media and social media marketing are different things. R … Being everywhere sounds good, but it will be a huge waste without a plan. R

  • TikTok: How does a ban of TikTok in the U.S. work in a country so against censorship? R … Here’s an ebook on improving ad effectiveness on the platform. R
  • Twitter: Some of the top companies/organizations won’t have to pay for the blue checkmark. R … Identity verification has been a thing for Twitter since baseball manager Tony LaRussa sued the platform back in 2009. R

CONTENT MARKETING: Have you wondered why others extend their content analytics with Here’s the pitch. R … For inspiration, there are a number of great content marketers who willingly share wisdom. It’s more than just Ann Handley. R … Never thought content pillars were particularly challenging but here’s an infographic on establishing them. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: It all sounds cool but how can marketers use it today? R … Does your marketing tool use AI or just the buzzword. Here’s a check. R

SEARCH: AI in search could mean personalization of ad location, ad cadence and timing along with content of message. R … Bing is planning to feature ads. R … The reason SEO tips and tricks articles sound no different than they did 10 years ago is many of the same approaches result in success. Here’s the latest, but it reads like it is from 2010. R … And here is a little more of the basics from SEM Rush. R … Folks, quality score does matter. How much? Not sure. But it does matter. R

ANALYTICS: At what rate should organic traffic convert? Probably just below 10 percent. R … If you want to get up to speed on GA-4 and why it matters, here is a primer. R

AUDIO: One platform uses generative AI to modulate the voice, insert personalization aimed at a single listener and other elements. R

VIDEO: It’s time for a YouTube tune up. There are a number of places to start. Here’s a list of places. R … YouTube continues to push to be considered a premium video service among the CTV universe. R

EMAIL: A good reminder about email: It all starts with the audience and what you plan to bring to them. R … Email conversion rates are declining. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Web3 isn’t as shiny as it once was when the MetaVerse was still building strong, but some haven’t given up on it yet. R … For your summer reading list, you should make sure you have read Nicholas J. Webb’s What Customers Crave. R