SOCIAL: Even ChatGPT, when asked, believes that influencer marketing is a key digital trend for 2023. R … So you are done working in the native social platforms. Cool. Make all of those changes someone else’s problem with a social tool R … Influencers are built to power B2B campaigns. Here’s how. R … Social media channels promise something initially but deliver something entirely different eventually. R

  • Facebook: Facebook likely owes you money. R
  • Instagram: Meta-verified has rolled out. R … Instagram rolls out new feature allowing for up to 5 ‘links in bio.’ R
  • SnapChat: It’s AI-powered chatbot is now available for everyone. For free. R
  • TikTok: The proposed ban is political silliness that doesn’t achieve the intended results. R … Montana is working to ban TikTok. R
  • Twitter: Twitter ad revenues have plummeted, down 2 billion from projections. R … Restricted postings will carry greater information. R

CONTENT MARKETING: How-to content can serve both the audience and the site as an evergreen source of traffic. Here’s a how-to on how to how-to. R … AI isn’t perfect, so authentic and quality content is going to have benefits now and in the future. R … Content marketing has great value, but measuring the actual value is a challenge. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Generative AI is being used in some degree in email marketing, lead scoring, customer service routing, fraud detection, cross-selling and chatbots. R … Where does Wall Street see AI moving the fastest? In data coordination, commerce and security. R … Could the advances within creative be the most explosive over the next few years? R … “There are countless examples throughout history [of] organizations not paying attention to disruptive technologies — similar to Encyclopedia Britannica or Blockbuster not evolving,” says Phenom VP of global strategy Cliff Jurkiewicz. R … What will conversational look like with the impact of AI? Should be a great execution area. R … Next level AI: autonomous. R

SEARCH: Google wants you to move to Google 360 Search Ads. And you know what happens when Google wants you do to something. R … There is help for you in podcast form for those seeking SEO assistance. Try a couple of these: Search Engine Journal ShowThe SEO MindsetSEO Pioneers. R … Quality SEO work starts with research. R … Google has some AI plans in the search realm. R … Samsung considering Bing as the default search engine on its devices. R … Do you have video content on your website? You may want to read up on how Google is changing search results for video. R … Keyword research without considering intent will fail. R … One thing holding back dynamic search and executions like Performance Max is losing control over the messaging. But AI could help make it better. R … Write for humans first! R

PROGRAMMATIC: If you ignore direct-to-publisher buys, you might be missing a population of your target audience. R … Google shows another cookie alternative with promise but it’s not perfect. R … Microsoft is dropping Twitter from its ad platform. R

ANALYTICS: Less about digital, specifically, but more about business analytics. Are you measuring the right things for your business or products? R

DATA: There is a direct ratio between success and your knowledge of your customers/prospects. R … Data is key in account-based marketing success, along with user experience and analytics. R

VIDEO: The conversation around performance marketing and streaming or other CTV solutions is heating up. Now, it has to deliver. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: After making an impression in podcasting, social media influencers and branded content, the next most important aspect should be to be perceived as enjoyable. R