A danger that many fall into is relying heavily on one social platform. R … Don’t buy followers. It’s lazy. Plus, they don’t stay. Instead, do these things. R … Postings on LinkedIn are somewhat homogenous. Find a way to stand out either with the info shared or the CTA promise. R … TikTok is on pace to earn $11 billion in ad revenue in 2022. R … Now everyone can use the AR tools. R … Also, downvoting count become a thing. R … Use the 9:16 aspect ratio, shoot in high resolution, keep it short and make some noise. R … Don’t just tell great stories. Listen to the stories they create in response. R … And seek out content from your users, whether you have the staff to make content or not. R … Move past informing and become interactive with your content. R … You can had the best SEO plan executed but if you lack patience, you might wreck it. R … Single-page web sites are currently at a disadvantage in SEO. R … Keyword research has multiple steps and multiple results. R … Doing SEO on your own is a challenge, but not impossible. Here is a start. R … The old Google text ads are not going to be an option at the end of June. Here’s what you need to know about the responsive ad option. R … YouTube will be rolling out user search insights by the end of the month. R … OTT is all forms of streaming, including laptop or phone. CTV is using a streaming service and watching on your television. R … The growth of video in 2022 has been mostly seen on web sites, social media, sales conversions and YouTube. R … More than half of marketers have seen ROI on video efforts. R