If you have tears over the loss of cookies, there is a potential answer growing strength around household IDs that will make targeting even more intelligent. R … A suit has been filed against Google for sharing data in the real-time bidding process they said they would not share. R … Google’s heavily context-based FLoC is now open for testing. R … SWAN is another alternative for identification. R … On the consumer front, social influencers are shifting to a more performance marketing tool and are treated almost like an additional platform. For the influencers, that means more pay aligned to sales like affiliate marketing or embedded e-commerce. R … What’s your ROI on social? R …  Facebook Analytics is going away, soon. R … Ecommerce executions are getting tighter on TikTok, including one with Shopify. R … TikTok is rolling out playlists to group similar content together. R … Can you post too often on TikTok? Test it. R … Even when you are sold out, you can still engage with your future customers and prospects through content. R … Optimize for Core Web Vitals, prepare for the end of third-party cookies and figure out how to get your hands on first-party data. R. .. Don’t embed video to your outbound email and send it to an Outlook environment. But there are other environments that will be fine with it. R

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