The Apple iOS 14.5 update has launched. R … The Apple changes launched despite the pushback. R … We need a federal option. Have I mentioned that before? R … Waiting and seeing on the cookieless frontier could be catastrophic. R… If you can’t understand why something is working, call for transparency. Specifically for your Facebook campaigns, the Apple changes will require some changes on your end. R … Facebook had a good ad year. R … How sharable is the content you develop? Maybe you are missing a few of these tactics. R … Setting a goal does not always equate to telling you the key performance indicator. R … Engage in content strategies that may be changing. Audience tastes are always changing. R … Focus your thought-leadership content on prospects. R … You should not expect to do the same things next year that you are doing now. R … The keys to choosing your programmatic partnerships remain the same. R … There will be fewer known audience members and it will cost a lot more to reach them. R … Or you could just buy directly from Apple. R … The ANA is hoping to bring transparency to the programmatic ad buying process. R … In the void of a single solution, third-party cookieless buyers are eyeing direct and premium buys. R … Maybe location targeting will rise to the occasion. R … The moment an SEO sales guy says he/she will trick Google on your behalf, run. R … So you have SEO mastered for your desktop site. How does it look for mobile? R … If you want to show up better in Google, maybe start by connecting with three key Google tools. R … Email is not discussed nearly enough in digital marketing circles, so you might think it plays less of a role. It’s still a strong component. Here are some basics to get restarted. R… It’s so easy to focus on the bottom of the sales funnel but don’t lose site of the top. R
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