Social signals DO NOT impact rankings. R … Strengthening your SEO has never been more important. R …  SEO forms the foundation and is most successful when fed by all of the parts. R … Measuring influencer marketing correctly will show you its value and tell you whether to increase or decrease your use of it. R … Be wary of how you respond to customer issues in social, whether shrimpy or large. Others are watching! R … Marketing automation is not just for the largest marketing departments. The tools it takes to accomplish entry levels of marketing automation are quite inexpensive. R .. The majority of email marketers still test their email programs like it’s 1999. R … Most have increased MarTech spending over last year. R … Content can be measured on leads, on retention and on rekindling lost relationships. R … Maybe it’s time to re-release your best content. R … Content marketing on a shoestring budget is doable but gaining support takes planning and research. R … Are all of the iOS 14 and privacy changes freaking you out? Be vigilant but fret not. R …  One voice on the universal ID tied to email believes it is not in publisher’s best interest. R … Still think a computer can’t help your marketing process? Buying pattern shifts, weather and predictive measures are three ways. R …  Apple and Facebook are no longer friends in case you hadn’t noticed. R … More are calling for a federal privacy option. It’s best for everyone involved. R … Podcasts reach more than 100 million Americans each month. R …  Any launch, ecommerce or otherwise, can benefit from not rushing, leveraging social and remaining hyper-focused on your audience. R … Owned media usually has the best ROI but you need to strengthen it with earned and paid. R.
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