I spend a great deal of time investigating and reading about digital marketing, so it is very easy right now to skip anything infected with COVID-19. It’s a pandemic that affects us all, but because every brand we’ve ever experienced has sent an email to me or posted on social media with their own angle on how they are helping to deal with it, I’ve become blind to the topic.

But there are real issues in digital marketing related to the quarantine:

  • Budgets shifting. Purchasing habits and inventory balancing may be changing. Don’t sell what you don’t have and don’t sell what your audience may not be buying right now. Some experts see the shift for search alone as high as 14.8 percent for the first half of 2020. Other media will be even higher.
  • Tone-deaf messaging. Something as substantial as this can’t be ignored in your messaging or you may appear thoughtless.
  • Advancements slowing. Nothing quickens the pace of digital transformation than getting the experts together. Marketing events are tabled, so its up to the martech sales teams to lead … and they all sound the same after awhile. Given the economic issues, shorter contracts should also be the norm.
  • Opportunities arising. As others pull back due to reality or fear, new opportunities appear. Inventory previously sold out can open up (like tons more YouTube inventory). Check with your partners.

There are other notable places where we should all kick it into gear right now, but most aren’t situationally dependent. We can always step up on planning, analytics, content, optimizations, etc.

By the way, sending the image above to you via 5G will not give your computer the virus … I’m pretty sure.

To see the full issue, go to: https://conta.cc/3ahc4VE