Holistic, coordinated executions are the ones that are remembered. Burger King retweeting 10-year-old Twitter posts and then allowing the confused social sphere light up is one example. Pilsner is doing the same thing by highlighting negative comments about its offerings … and the social world awaits as the other shoe gets ready to drop.

These executions stand out because they took time and thought. Not to mention, they took strong internal leaders to get the teams to buy in. We are in a fast-paced, busy business. But we applaud those who break from that norm and go beyond in thought and creativity.

Harvard neuroscientist researchers last week showed that prolonged thought/meditation for ~27 minutes each day can result in younger and faster frontal cortexes (where decision-making and access memory flourish).

So, giving your next marketing project some deeper thought isn’t just good for the product or brand, but you, as well.

Check out the full report here: https://conta.cc/2ZiNCyR