Earth DayJosh Turney, Founder & CEO, Rooster Strategic Solutions

At Rooster, we have deep and enduring ties with agriculture. Most of us were raised on family farms and livestock operations. Many of us are still active in daily operations or have family members who farm. So we know firsthand that farmers don’t just love the land, they protect it. It has been said, and I agree, that farmers are the original environmentalists – that’s one of many reasons why we celebrate them, not just on Ag Day, but every day. Here are a few more reasons to celebrate farmers today in particular, on Earth Day.

Farmers respect the land because they live on the land.
They drink from the wells on the farm, and their children play in their yards, just like kids in the city and suburbs. It’s one of many reasons why you see farmers employing a long list of management practices to improve the health of the soil and reduce erosion, including the use of cover crops, no-till or minimum-tillage practices, and crop rotations.

Farmers provide the world with access to the food it wants and needs.
Everyone should have choices when it comes to safe, healthy, and affordable food. It’s also important for farmers to have more choices as to what they can grow or produce and market profitably in order to meet consumer demand. Because farmers are able to respond to changing tastes and needs, they play an important role in how we continue to address global food insecurity.

Most farms are family farms.
According to the USDA, family farms “remain a key part of agriculture, making up 98 percent of all farms and providing 88 percent of production.” Many of these farms have been in the family for generations, making farmers an incredibly important part of the fabric of the rural communities in which they live.

I could give you a dozen more reasons why it’s important to share our stories about the incredible farmers who work tirelessly to produce crops and animals for food, fuel and fiber. I’d love to hear some of your farming stories – if you have them and are willing to share them with us, reach out. We love talking about agriculture and the impact that our industry, and the people behind it, are making every single day.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.