Schedule — Oct. 20 – Content Marketing | Oct. 27 – Programmatic | Nov. 3 – Musts and Must Nots in Digital | Nov. 10 – Search | Nov. 17 – Social Media | Dec. 1 – Analytics | Dec. 8 – Privacy, Regulations and Data | Dec. 15 – Emerging Technologies

Everybody wants to do digital better. I hear it all the time from small companies, big brands, and even a few agencies who are employed to help their clients do digital better. And there’s no shortage of conferences, summits, and seminars that promise to help you do digital better.

So why is AMiDA the best way to improve digital execution, as the title of this article audaciously states?

Ag isn’t just in the title, it’s in or DNA. Unlike sessions from consumer-focused outfits, AMiDA is geared specifically for agencies, clients, and brands who work with farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness professionals. The tips you get, the stories you hear, the lessons you learn are all delivered by ag professionals with decades of digital experience. You simply won’t find this anywhere else.

AMiDA is color-blind and pitch-free. As an ag consultancy, Rooster doesn’t have a turf to protect and we’re not looking to sell you our services. Just take a closer look at the topic presenters, above. You’ll see a who’s-who list of experts from all over the agricultural arena: brands, agencies, publishers, and more. Rather than packing the event with our own employees, we invited the most-advanced minds in digital ag execution to share their thoughts with you on what works, what doesn’t work, and what they feel will be successful in the future.

Bite-sized sessions let you learn at your own pace. Granted, the pandemic made it impossible to bring everyone together even if we wanted to. But this actually works in your favor. Instead of waterboarding you with consecutive days of uninterrupted information, our schedule is broken out into 60- to 90-minute sessions over an 8-week period. This gives you the chance to learn, absorb, and apply the content in a much more comfortable way. And if you find yourself booked when one of our sessions is happening, no problem. We’ll record the events for any of our registered guests who missed them or want to visit them again. We’ll also provide a “Top Learnings” list that distills each of the topics into “Must-Do” bites.

There are prizes. Just saying.

Every session is designed to answer a single, valuable question. And answer it in a straightforward, easy-to-grasp, and easy-to-employ manner. We’re not going to explain everything there is to know about digital execution in 60 minutes. But we’ll give you solid answers to the questions that you have so you can immediately begin improving your digital execution.

Here’s a list of the topics and the question they’ll answer to help you do digital better:

  • Content Marketing: How can I leverage the content that I’m already creating over multiple platforms? It’s about quality, not quantity.
  • Programmatic: I’m not sure what to buy, so how can I be sure I’m not missing anything important? It’s not just about display banners anymore.
  • Musts and Must-Nots in Digital: What’s working well today, and what have you tried recently that failed? Our roundtable shares their best and worst experiences.
  • Search: Does it make sense for a small or medium-sized company to spend money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? If you’re not, someone else is buying your name and getting your leads.
  • Social Media: Should I be using ag influencers to expand my social media footprint? If so, where do I start?
  • Analytics: What Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are the most important, and how do I set them up?
  • Privacy, Regulations, and Data. What is the latest on what I can and can’t do with customer information? And what questions should I ask the vendors who want to sell me customer data to make sure I’m reaching the customers I most want to reach?
  • Emerging Technologies: What’s new and cool today, and what will be new and cool tomorrow? Our roundtable will highlight a few of the new tools available or nearly available and help you identify which of them might make sense as part of your marketing plan.

If you’ve ever asked these questions – and I’m betting that you have, because I hear them all the time – you’ll want to register for AMiDA. Seriously, it’s truly the straightest line between you and better digital execution.